A paper or electronic document issued by the competent authority, authorizing and requiring the import or export of the goods specified and/or imposing other special requirements as necessary. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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licence li‧cence [ˈlaɪsns] , license noun
1. [countable] LAW COMMERCE an official document giving you permission to own or do something for a period of time:

• The charity organization has applied for a city business license to operate weekly bingo games.

• The factory's operating license will not be granted until after the inspection.

— compare permit
ˈexport ˌlicence , export license AmE [countable] LAW COMMERCE
an official document giving permission to send goods for sale in another country; = EXPORT PERMIT
ˈimport ˌlicence , import license [countable] COMMERCE COMMERCE
a government document needed before importing certain types of goods. Import licences can be used, for example, to limit imports if there is a balance of payments or to stop trade in rare plants and animals; = IMPORT PERMIT:

• The duty on cars was 65%, and importers also had to get an import license, which was almost never granted.

2. [countable, uncountable] disapproving official permission to do something, which seems wrong:
import licence for

• State Governments are concerned that the revised tax laws will provide a license for tax evasion.

3. licence to print money disapproving used in order to say that a situation gives someone a chance to make a lot of money very easily, without much work:

• Franchising isn't always a licence to print money. It can take a lot of hard work and personal effort.

4. [uncountable] LAW COMMERCE if something is sold, made etc under licence, it is sold etc with the permission of the company or organization who owns the patent (= the legal right to make or sell a new product ) or the copyright (= the legal right to be the only producer or seller of a book, play, film, or record ) :

• It can appoint a foreign company to manufacture its product under licence.

• The license agreement has not led to a reduction in its own design efforts.

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licence UK US /ˈlaɪsəns/ noun UK (US license)
[C] LAW, GOVERNMENT an official document from the government, court, etc. that gives you permission to do, have, or own something: a driving/driver's/pilot's licence »

The bank will insist you produce a driving licence or passport as a form of ID.


a business/operating licence


a gun/firearms licence


If there is any delay, the licence holder can be fined.

grant/issue a licence »

The council granted a licence that allowed the premises to stay open until 3 am.


have/hold/get a licence


own/apply for/renew a licence


refuse/suspend/take away a licence


a licence expires/runs out

Compare PERMIT(Cf. ↑permit) noun
[C] LAW, COMMERCE, IT permission given by a company to produce or use something that they have created or that belongs to them: »

a software/publishing licence

licence for sth »

A licence for PC network use costs £900.

licence to do sth »

a licence to publish the book throughout the world

[ U] permission or freedom to do what you want: »

licence to do sth


He thought his position allowed him licence to be rude.

licence to print money — Cf. licence to print money
under licence — Cf. under licence
See also EXPORT LICENCE(Cf. ↑export licence), IMPORT LICENCE(Cf. ↑import licence), LETTER OF LICENCE(Cf. ↑letter of licence), PRACTICING LICENSE(Cf. ↑practicing license)

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